Make Music Day St. Louis is an all-ages, all-inclusive celebration of music! To participate, you can register as a PERFORMER, a VENUE hosting a performance, or as a VOLUNTEER.


PERFORMERS: All Instruments • All Genres • All Levels • All Ages • All FREE
Create your profile by submitting a photo, description of your act, and any relevant website/social media links. After you create your profile, you will be able to check out available venues and choose the one that will fit your performance. When the venue confirms your request, your performance will be entered in the Performance Listings available to the public.

VENUES: Concert Halls • Parks • Street Corners • Sidewalks • Clubs • Storefronts • Front Gardens • Restaurants • Schools • Churches
A concert venue can be anywhere in the St. Louis area - from big concert halls, to the sidewalks, to an open space of a small business, to your backyard! If you have a good space for some free, live music, you can register as a venue. Create a venue profile by submitting your location information and a description of the space. Browse through the registered musician profiles to invite them to perform at your venue, or welcome musicians to request your space independently. After your performer confirms their participation, the performance will be entered in the Performance Listings available to the public, so make sure your space is ready for them at the requested time on June 21st! Invite your customers, fans, friends, and family to enjoy Make Music Day St. Louis!

VOLUNTEERS: Sign up HERE and let us know how you can help us make this unique festival the best celebration of musical culture in St. Louis! We are looking forward to seeing you on June 21st!

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